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Convergence Finance

We’re excited to announce our official launch of the Convergence Finance Discord server, which you can join here. From now on, in addition to our Telegram channel, Convergers will have a new, purpose-driven designed place to chat, learn and ask questions.

Why Discord?

In short, Discord will enable the Covergence community to have a place to enjoy a focused discussion. Specific themed text-channels have been created to fulfill different needs of each Converger. In our Discord, you will find the following discussion sections:

  • Q&A and Tech Support
  • Guides for using our dApps suite
  • Topic specific chatrooms (general, trading, tech, etc.)
  • Team and…

  • Convergence Finance will be integrating with Moonbeam, a parachain on Polkadot, to facilitate deployment onto Polkadot Substrate and Web3.0 environments.
  • This integration will make Convergence Finance the first real-world asset AMM in the Polkadot ecosystem, offering users lower gas fees and faster transactions for an enhanced trading experience.
  • The announcement comes after Convergence’s Moonbeam virtual demo at Illuminate/21.

Convergence Finance is thrilled to announce its integration with Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot. Convergence’s infrastructures will be built on Moonbeam, allowing the protocol to be deployed seamlessly to Web3 and Polkadot Substrate environments. …

The team at Convergence Finance is excited to invite our community supporters to participate in the Convergence Sticker Contest, the first of a series of community challenges in the upcoming months. Create funny, cute or meme-worthy stickers for a chance to win a part of the $1200 in CONV prize pool and be included in our official Telegram channel sticker pack!


  • First Price: $300 in CONV
  • Second Price: $250 in CONV
  • Third Price: $200 in CONV
  • Forth Price: $150 in CONV
  • Lucky draw of $100 in CONV will be offered for 3 random submissions that fulfilled the guidelines set below

  • Convergence partners with Hex Trust for industry-leading, licensed, secure, and compliant NFT custody
  • The partnership will enable Convergence Finance to securely offer NFT investment exposure for its users, especially in the recent market surge in NFT demand
  • The announcement follows on Convergence Finance’s partnership with CertiK, building on the protocol’s commitment to safety and security

Convergence Finance has partnered with Hex Trust to provide secure custody for NFTs. Hex Trust is a licensed trust company in Hong Kong specializing in licensed and insured institutional grade custody for digital assets. Hex Safe — Hex Trust’s proprietary, compliance-first custody platform, currently services…

We are proud to announce our ConvPool is ready for the community to test out on Kovan. Here is the walkthrough on the ConvPool features, you can stake CONV and/ or Convergence LP tokens to earn reward for facilitating the protocol. Also you can provide liquidity to our ecosystem and receive a split of the transaction fees. In this walkthrough, we will show you how to interact with all the features.

Please join us to provide more feedback. Let’s start by going to

As a liquidity provider on ConvPool, you can split 0.25% of the trading fees. Your share…

  • Convergence Finance partners with CertiK to secure the safety of its user-first decentralized interchangeable assets protocol.
  • As other Convergence Finance products are released, the partnership will be a key part of Convergence Finance’s mission to build a secure, user-first decentralized interchangeable asset protocol to bring real world assets to DeFi.
  • The strategic partnership enables both CertiK and Convergence Finance to build a crypto / DeFi ecosystem that is inclusive and safe for all.

Convergence Finance is proud to announce that it has entered a strategic partnership with CertiK, a leading blockchain and crypto security company specializing in code audit founded…


Not all investors are born equal. That’s a sad but true fact in the global investment market. If you were a regular individual investor, the market only provides limited options to you, and you will never be able to trade and invest like an accredited/institutional investor or venture capitalist.

Rules like this exist because financial regulators believe that individual investors can’t handle “risky investment” very well, such as investing in a startup. To many, however, this is arguably not the best approach for risk management and making plenty of investment opportunities out of reach for individual investors.

Besides regulations, some…

Last week our AMM ConvX was launched on Kovan testnet! Following such a milestone, the team is delighted to share our bug bounty program with the community…. Break our product, find vulnerabilities, keep everyone safe… and of course win rewards for doing so!

The program:

  • Severity of bugs will be assessed under on a sliding rated scale:

— Critical: Up to $100,000

— High: Up to $10,000

— Medium: Up to $1,000

— Low: Up to $250

  • Other relevant factors in assessing final reward includes, but is not limited to:

Level of difficulty of vulnerability discovery

Level of detail in…


Investing in unicorn companies remains one of the most lucrative ways for institutional investors who look for higher returns and more significant growth potential. Yet, for most individual investors, investing in privately-owned tech startups seems something far from reach. Although there are methods that allow retail investors to tap into this space, it often involves intermediaries or brokers, which could come with a substantial cost.

Thanks to the rapidly growing adoption of DeFi, individual investors can now leverage protocols like Convergence to capture the potential growth of fast-growing unicorn companies without running their venture capital fund or involving any middlemen…

Asset swaps on Convergence are a simple way to trade ERC-20 tokens for another via an automated liquidity pool, this guide is a step by step walkthrough of how to use our AMM. We are currently offering liquidity pools for swaps between the following assets: CONV, ETH and USDT, with more to come in the future.


Mainnet: Coming soon!

Convergence Finance

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